goals, Margaret has them #inspiration #toiletart #youshowthemMargaret

what a way to start the last Friday of this long August 😄 and again, I didn’t have to move a finger 😊 #missingthemimosas #grateful #happystomach

thank you!! amazing pasta and I didn’t even have to move a finger ☺️#carbsaftergym #happystomach

#TBT my 3 siblings, my mom and I (fat kid in red), 1997 trip to Orlando! #runsinthefamily #happy #familylove #throwbackthursday #babies






Now we all know this is a damn lie.
We not gon count Thomas Jeffersons blk kids?


Uhhh…Thomas Jefferson had 6 children with his wife Martha Jefferson, and 6 with Sarah “Sally” Hemings, making the amount of children Jefferson had 12. John Tyler still has the most out of any president, having had 8 from his first wife and 7 from his second: a total of 15 kids. So where is the “damn lie”


I just turn around and you’re by my side

Lucky Star ★ single released 30 years ago


Madonna while filming Desperately Seeking Susan in Battery Park NYC in 1984 with costar Robert Joy.


And the rest of the world is all like

And I’m just like

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Eminem with a flat top. Nightlife Social Network

I thought that was Robert Pattinson

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